Telephonic Appearances

 **URGENT MESSAGE - Transition from CourtCall to VCourt**

  • For new or existing Telephonic Appearances occurring BEFORE  March 5, 2018 - continue to use CourtCall (888) 88-COURT.
  • For new Telephonic Appearances that will occur ON or AFTER March 5, 2018 - register using the new system described below.
  • For existing Telephonic Appearance occurring ON or AFTER March 5, 2018 that were scheduled through CourtCall, you must contact CourtCall to cancel your appearance and request a refund of any fees paid.  You will need to subsequently reschedule your appearance using this system.


The Nevada County Superior Court is in the process of instituting a court-run remote telephone appearance system referred to as "VCourt".

Please take the time to read the information on this page prior to clicking "I Agree" at the bottom.  After acknowledging you have read and understand everything, you will then be taken directly to the VCourt Telephonic Appearance registration system.

Telephonic appearances that will occur on or after March 5, 2018 must be scheduled using our VCourt system.  We advise that anyone with an existing Telephonic Appearance scheduled through CourtCall that is to occur on/after March 5, 2018 to contact CourtCall and request a cancellation and refund for any fees paid.  CourtCall will not automatically switch you! 

When using VCourt to schedule a remote appearance, please keep in mind that not all hearing types are eligible to be heard via remote telephonic appearance - in these instances your "physical" appearance is mandatory.

Telephonic appearances should be scheduled no less than two (2) court days before the hearing.  All telephonic appearances occurring on/after March 5, 2018 must be scheduled using VCourt - we do not have the ability to register you over the phone.


Remote telephonic appearances are allowed for most law and motion matters except those matters requiring personal appearance, pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670(e). The Court has the discretion to modify the rule and require personal appearance, or make special allowance to appear via telephone, pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670(f). If you wish to appear telephonically on a matter that would typically require personal appearance, judicial approval is required. You may submit your request on Local Form CIV-9, Ex Parte Application to Appear Telephonically and Order. For hearing types that require judicial approval, the court will notify the requesting party if the request is denied at least two (2) court days in advance of the hearing. Judicial approval does not automatically schedule telephonic appearance; parties must still schedule an appearance via the court’s telephonic appearance system.

In order to appear telephonically for a Family Law Support hearing on matters involving the Department of Child Support Services, parties must serve and file Judicial Council Form FL-679,Request for Telephonic Appearance (Governmental) at least twelve (12) court days before the hearing regardless of whether or not their hearing type requires judicial approval. The court will notify the party of its decision on the request for telephone appearance no later than five (5) court days prior to hearing.

Telephonic Appearance Fee Amounts and Time Requirements

Most telephone appearances must be scheduled at least two (2) court days prior to hearing or requesting party may be required to pay an additional fee. A late fee will not be charged to opposing party on an ex parte application, when the court sets a motion on shortened time, when a tentative ruling is posted less than two days before hearing, or when request is made by a party having received notice of another party’s request to appear by telephone. California Rules of Court,Rule 3.670(1)(2).

Telephone appearance fees are set in accordance with California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670(k)(m), as follows:

Telephone Appearance fee $ 86.00
Late Fee $ 30.00
Cancellation Fee $   5.00
Telephone Appearance Fee, Title IV-D $ 66.00

Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670(l), no fee shall be charged to a party that has a current fee waiver.


Pursuant to California Rules of Court, 3.670(k)(3), a fee of $5 is to be charged instead of the fees under (1) and (2) if a party cancels a telephone appearance request and no telephone appearance is made. A hearing or appearance that is taken off calendar or continued by the court is not a cancellation under this rule. If the hearing or appearance is taken off calendar by the court, there is no charge for the telephone appearance.

You must cancel the original appearance date in order to receive a refund. All cancellations must be completed online by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the hearing to receive a refund. Full refunds including the $5.00 fee will only be issued for cases that were cancelled or continued by the court without being heard. If your hearing date is continued without being heard, you MUST cancel the original appearance date and reschedule/complete a new transaction for the continued date.


Following the completion of scheduling, you will receive an email confirming your telephonic appearance. The confirmation will contain the local dial-in number for the telephonic appearance, a conference ID, and a PIN. You will need this information to call in for your hearing.

Day of Appearance

Call the number stated in your email confirmation at least five minutes before your scheduled hearing time. Remember - this is your day in court and we STRONGLY advise against using cell phones or payphones.  If your call is inaudible, we have the ability to mute or drop  calls with an abundance of background noise or interference (we cannot hear you clearly), so please do everyone a favor and use a land line to ensure proper access to justice.

After calling the conference manager (530) 478-5604, you will be prompted for your conference ID and PIN - these are on the confirmation email you should have received. The clerk will check you in and place you on mute until your case is called.


I have read and understand the above information and wish to schedule or cancel a Telephonic Appearance using the Court's VCourt system


I Agree

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