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The Online Service page you requested resides on our eAccess Web Portal - a single point of entry to lookup information about court cases, traffic citations or get the current court calendar for any chosen day.  You can also make credit card payments from this system for cases or citations with a balance due.

If you have never used this portal before, we suggest you review the brief help topics below prior to accessing the system, otherwise click the "Access Now" button to enter the portal.

HELP Topics

How to Find your Case or Traffic Citation

Upon entering the eAccess system, you will be on the Main Search page.  You will only need to know a few basic pieces of information to perform the search, such as:  Party Name; Case Number or Ticket/Citation Number. 

Alternatively, you can search for a case by the court date by using the Calendar (see next topic below).

How to Pay Tickets/Citations Online

It is important to note that Law enforcement agencies may take up to 30 days to send traffic citations to the court. Citations must be entered into the court’s system before you can view or pay them online. 

Once you have found your case, you can make secure payments (full or partial) using your Visa or MasterCard whenever you see this green PAY button

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