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 Web Portal services - CASE CALENDARS

The Online Service page you requested resides on our eAccess Web Portal - a single point of entry to lookup information about court cases. 

Case Calendars  list the specific cases being heard on a selected day.  A case with a green PAY button next to it  allows you to make credit card payments by simply clicking the button.

Department Calendars are schedules of the hearing types that will occur in each courtroom/department by day. 

If you have never used this portal before, we suggest you review the brief help topics below prior to accessing the system, otherwise click the "Access Now" button to enter the portal.

HELP Topics

How to Access Daily Calendars

Upon entering the eAccess system, you will be at the Main Search page.  Click the "Calendar" icon as shown above

The initial view will be of a monthly calendar with little blue numbers which represent the number of cases on calendar for that day. Click on any one of these numbers and you will retrieve a summary list of all the cases for that day in chronological order in the space below the calendar. This list may roll over to several pages depending on the number of events. 

To open a case from the calendar, simply click on the case number hyperlink and it will appear in the opposite panel. 

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