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 Remote Hearings and Document filing - how to

Document Filing:  Documents may be emailed to the applicable office listed below.  If there is a filing fee required for your document(s), one of our clerks will contact you to arrange payment. 

  • Nevada City Clerks Office - nccounter@nccourt.net
  • Truckee Clerks Office - trcounter@nccourt.net.

  • You may optionally drop off  your documents at our drop box located just outside the Courthouse lobby.

    Free Document Preparation websites >> details


    Remote Appearances:   Simply send an email requesting to appear remotely  (by phone or video) to the appropriate courthouse email (see list above) where your hearing is to take place.  Include your name, case number and time/date of your appearance. A clerk will contact you with the remote access information.

     Remote Hearing process for litigants and attorneys using zoom  

    Participating in your first remote Zoom video or audio conference can be intimidating, especially when it comes to legal matters.  Fortunately, Zoom offers free training videos on the  Zoom Training web page.

    Once you have familiarized yourself with using Zoom, review the below Connection Guide for an overview of the remote hearing process.  You can also review this Best Practices Guide for Remote Court Appearances for additional tips.


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