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Fax: (530) 470-8675

Reporter Telephone Number
Nancy Carrillo (530) 265-1249
Melissa Willis (530) 265-1326

General Info:  Local Rules of Court 10.00 through 10.00.05 sets out when court reporters are to be provided and for what types of hearings in Nevada County.  Please refer to these rules if you have questions pertaining to court reporters. 

The Court provides Official Court Reporters for all felony, misdemeanor and juvenile 602/300 proceedings, Probate Law & Motion calendars and Family Law & Motion calendars, and any proceedings in which the Court orders a reporter be present. 

Court Reporters are NOT provided for civil court trials and jury trials.  In addition, court reporters are not automatically provided for family law court trials, long cause hearings and exparte hearings.  If a reporter is requested and, per the Local Rules of Court,  fees are paid, one may be provided.  To request that a court reporter be available for a hearing in which one is not provided, please call (530)265-1324.  Your request must be made and fees posted no less than five (5) court days prior to the hearing.

Availability and Alternatives to Official Court Reporters:  For matters in which tentative rulings are issued without the prerequisite five (5) court days to request a reporter, a request still may be made for a reporter to be present.  The Courts can not guarantee that an Official Court Reporter will be available, therefore you may be instructed to procure your own. 

Click here for a list of independent reporters and reporting firms available in Nevada County.  Some of the reporters in this list work through or own court reporting firms - the firm names are listed next to the reporter's name.  If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us at (530) 265-1324.

Fees:  $75 per side per half day for family law; $150 per half day for civil and $250 for a full day. The entire fee is paid by the requesting party.

  You may call any of the Official Reporters to request a transcript of proceedings.  To aid us in finding your transcript, please have the case name, case number and the date and time of the proceedings.  If you call when we are out of the office, please leave this information plus your return number and we will get back to you with an estimate of cost as soon as possible.

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