Traffic School

Traffic School is a completely optional program.  The reason people chose to request to participate in Traffic School is it invariably reduces the chances of your auto insurance rates going up due to your citation. To participate in Traffic School, you must first meet the eligibility requirements listed below. If eligible, you make the request by signing the back of your Courtesy Notice and submit the entire amount of the citation plus a $73 administrative fee to the Court either in person or by mail. The full amount of fine plus the administrative fee must be paid at that time. Once the Court receives this payment, you will be given ninety (90) days from the date the payment is processed to complete traffic violators school.

Please note the traffic schools are independent of the Court and will charge you a separate tuition fee. For a list of DMV Licensed Traffic Schools, click here . You will also be provided with a copy of this list when payment for the citation is received. Questions concerning the costs, hours, or locations must be directed to the school you choose to attend.

Taking a course through an on-line school is permitted as long as the school is on the approved list.

Upon completion of an on-line course, the school will automatically send us your certificate of completion. If instead you take the class in-person, you will need to return the original copy of the certificate to the court by the due date. If you fail to do this, a bail forfeiture disposition (which is the same as a conviction) will be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Please be advised that you may only have one violation within an 18 month period that can be reported to the DMV as a confidential conviction.

 If you are eligible to attend Traffic Violators School but decide not to do so, your automobile insurance may be adversely affected.

Traffic School Eligibility:

Any driver with a commercial driving license may attend traffic school only if they were driving a non-commercial vehicle at the time of the citation.

The violation(s) on your ticket must be eligible.

Any violation that carries a negligent operator point count of more than one point is not eligible. Seat belt, mechanical or equipment violations, failure to have insurance and other certain specified violations are not eligible for traffic school.

After the above considerations, only persons meeting the following criteria established by the Judicial Council of the State of California are permitted to attend traffic school.

You must currently possess a valid driver's license.

You may not have attended Traffic School in the last 18 month period.

Your ticket must not have defaulted to a failure to appear.

Your ticket must not be related to alcohol use or possession of alcohol.

Your ticket must not be related to drug use or possession of drugs.

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