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 Juror Survey & trial Questionnaires

Juror Survey 

If you have been summoned for Jury Duty, please complete this Juror Survey.  You will need the juror badge and group number shown on your summons.

Juror Trial Questionnaire

Check the list of Upcoming Jury Trials (below) around two weeks before the start of your jury service for a secondary questionaire for your Trial.  Once completed, the Jury Trial Questionnaire can be emailed to jury@nccourt.net or brought to the courthouse drop-box.

Upcoming Jury Trials

Jury Group(s)

Jury Trial Questionnaire
04/26/2021 - Nevada City
500 - 501
 Trial Vacated  ** DO NOT REPORT **


special note from the jury commissioner's office

If you are sick or have respiratory symptoms, a fever or a cough, call the Jury Commissioner's Office and DO NOT report for jury service.

1. Jury service is conducted live, not by remote appearance such as Zoom.
2. Masks are required to be worn at all times in the courthouse.
3. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the jury trial.
4. Jury deliberations will occur in the courtroom rather than in jury deliberation rooms.

If you are a summoned juror:
1. Be sure to bring and wear a face mask at all times while in the courthouse.
2. Bring your own bottled water in a sealed plastic or metal container. No glass is allowed.
3. If you bring a snack or lunch, it must be in a sealed container.
4. Due to COVID protocols, there is no place to eat your lunch in the courthouse and the jury lounges are not open.
5. You may consider bringing a small container of hand sanitizer with you to the courthouse as an additional precautionary measure, although sanitizer is available in the lobby.
6. Bring a book, cell phone, or laptop to occupy yourself during breaks as there is no other reading material available.

Thank you very much for your willingness to serve as a juror, and to help the Court continue to provide this vital function of our democracy during these extraordinary times.

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