Grand Jury Application

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The California Penal Code (Section 893) sets forth the qualifications of Grand Jurors.  The following eight questions are included to determine that you meet the Penal Code requirements.  

Are You: Yes No
1.  A United States citizen?
2.  Eighteen years of age or older?
3.  A resident of the County and State for one year?
4.  English speaking?
5.  Currently serving as a trial juror?
6.  Within one year of having been discharged as a grand juror?
7.  Convicted of malfeasance in office or any felony?
8.  Serving as an elected public official or an elected member of a public agency board? 

  • How many miles (round trip) is it from your residence to the Eric Rood Center?


  • Are you now, or have you ever been, involved in litigation against Nevada County, its special districts or any local public agency?  
    Yes       No

  • Do you have any typing and/or computer or word processing skills?  

  • Number of years in the community.  

  • Age Range: 18-25    26-34     35-44     45-54     55-64     65-74     75 and over

  • Gender:  Male        Female

  • Race or Ethnicity [may select more than one]:

    White Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino Asian
    American Indian or Alaskan Native Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
    Other race or ethnicity Decline to Answer   


  • Occupation

  • Years, if any, served on a regular Grand Jury


    1.  Your experience within community organizations or public agencies and the length of your job experience (s):

    2.  Past trial or Grand Jury experience:

    3.  Any research experience, or investigative skills you have:

    4.  Describe any problems you might have investigating any local county or city governmental department, private or non-profit agencies, and how you would deal with them:

    5.  What do you think are some of the major problems facing city and county government?

    6.  How many hours a month would you have available for participating on the Grand Jury?

    7.  Describe personal goals you would like to accomplish or complete within the coming year July 1 – June 30?

    8.  Describe any physical or sensory impairments (hearing, vision, etc.) you have:  

    9.  Please describe some of the qualities you have that have helped you contribute to community organizations and/or to your effectiveness in other work (past and present):

    10.  Where did you hear about the Grand Jury, e.g., friend who served, newspaper article, radio ad?

    Date: Signed:

    You should receive confirmation on the receipt of this application within 3 working days.
    How would you like to receive your confirmation?  Email    Phone


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